The chillier days of winter may bring blissful thoughts of the coming summer – even in Florida. For parents, this often means making decisions about summer camp.

Many of you may have found memories of summer camp days. Some of you may have even attended a yearly sleep-away camp. Camp memories last a lifetime.

With Island Water Sports, camps takes on a whole new meaning. Imagine spending your summer learning how to surf or skate, diving into the water with our local turtles, or visiting the top skateparks in South Florida. Our Winter, Spring and Summer camps are the best day-camps in our own backyard. Or join us for our week sleep-away camp in Cocoa Beach. (Find Out More)

But for skaters, who live and breathe everything skate,  there is a sleep-away camp that makes every young skater’s mouth water. For those, Camp Woodward is dreamland.

What is Camp Woodward?

Camp Woodward is a world-class destination for young athletes offering summer camps, lessons, day sessions, and weekend retreats. They offer skateboarding, BMX, gymnastics, cheer, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, parkour, scooter, dance, and digital media. The camp was founded in 1970 in Pennsylvania. It  has become world-renowned for its action sports, gymnastics, and cheerleading programs.

Camp Woodward: The Beginnings

Woodward actually started as a gymnastics camp. It brought in Olympic medalists, college coaches and providing expert training immersed within a summer camp experience. But, when the US decided to boycott the 1980 Olympic games, Woodward Camp had to make a change.

Becoming the Premiere Skate Camp Destination

Woodward decided to expanded its camp programing to include BMX racing. The BMX program quickly grew. Soon Woodward expanded the facilities to include ramps. The word traveled quickly and soon skateboarders were drawn to Woodward. Woodward has used its gymnastics knowledge to make their facility once of a kind. By including foam pits and resi landings, Woodward offers first class facilities for action sports.

Every summer, thousands of skateboarders travel from around the world to be part of their sleep-away skate camp located in Pennsylvania. Woodward boasts world-class facilities and training from the top action sports professionals from around the world. The camp also brings in some of the biggest companies in the industry to scout out new talent and partner in continuing to build a training facility that is the top in the world and always changing. For many attending Camp Woodward is a dream-come-true.

Camp Woodward: The TV Show

In 2008, Camp Woodward took their skate camp to TV. The show featured up-and-comers in skateboarding and the pros who visit to help coach. It is a reality TV show that dives into the lives of the skaters who attend the camp.

Season 9 of Camp Woodward follows three skater as they spend two weeks at the camp. With dreams of one day turning pro, these aspiring athletes get an opportunity to live alongside the biggest names in action sports and experience a summer they will never forget.

Meet Roman Hager – Island Water Sports Skate Team Rider

Roman Hager Island Water Sports Skate Team Rider Camp Woodward Season 9 Episode 2Roman’s Local Park

Roman is 12 and lives in Fort Lauderdale. He is usually hanging out at local park Ramp 48.

This local park was redesigned by Ulises Frallicciardi (who is now part of IWS staff). Uli wanted to give the skaters a home park that was challenging enough to help young riders and seasoned rider alike progress. Skater like Roman have reaped the benefits of this dream-come-true.

In fact, Ramp 48 has been a stomping ground for pro skaters like Ben Gore, Jamie Foy, Zion Wright and up-and-comers like Marcos Montoya and Roman. It is a facility that skaters from around the world travel to come skate.

Roman and His Family

On a typical day you will find Roman hanging at the park with his dad and brother. Roman’s father Aaron has always been very involved in Roman’s life and is often at the park filming, shooting photos and encouraging Roman and the other skaters. His brother Rocco is also a huge part of Roman’s life.

Aaron has been a crucial part of securing sponsors for Roman – like Nike SB, RVCA, Stance, Triple 8, Arcade and Mystery. With a background in digital media, Aaron is always helping to edit clips and get Roman’s sponsors footage. An ideal team.


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Episode 4 – Camp Woodward

In Episode 4, the latest episode of Camp Woodward, Gavin Bottger, Lazer Crawford, and Roman Hager just arrive. They are excited to skate. But, first the must head to camp orientation. After the camp rundown, they begin their first “King of the Cabins” challenge and finally they get the chance to shred.

Give it a watch! Roman buckles pretty bad about half way through.

“Super excited for the 1st at camp episode. This season is going to have some solid skating for sure!”, said Roman

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