Roman Strohmenger, from his grom days to his present days as a father of one.

Roman Strohmenger, much like his brother Tanner, grew up in the same golden era of groms. Though he was considered the older one of the bunch, he was still a youngin with witty humor working at our shop. Roman has since grown up a lot, and we have been blessed to see it happen. Last week, we reminisced with Roman about his grom days, talked about the present and future with his beautiful wife, Erica (Linden) Strohmenger and adorable son, Noah Strohmenger. Though Roman tells us he didn’t have much luck in contests we know he kept his eyes on the real prizes of life.  His surf shop love story, beautiful family, and fun travel adventures are total goals. Roman’s authenticity and core values are what makes him the first brand ambassador for Island Water Sports, and we’re stoked to share that with you!

Roman Strohmenger

D.O.B :  7-20- not sure

Stance: Goofy

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with Roman Strohmenger

How did you get started surfing?

My brother and I actually learned how to surf from the IWS free surf lessons,  we looked forward to every Saturday morning. We had to take the city bus, but we were just so stoked to go to the beach no matter what conditions were.

You used to surf competitively, how has that shaped you into the person you are today?

I never had much success in contests. Couple decent ones here or there.  So you can say I learned a good amount about losing…Ha -ha. All jokes aside,  I learned a lot when I won and when I didn’t win. I learned how to improve sportsmanship and humility.

Was it ever competitive between you and your friends/brother?

My brother and I were always really competitive.  Not just in surfing but everything we did.  He had way more success in surfing and definitely is a more talented surfer.  But I got him in all the other sports though…Ha!

What’s your dream surf trip? What would be on your itinerary? Who would you take?

Dream trip would be anywhere with fun waves,warm water with family and friends.  I love to surf with my wife, son, brother, CP, drunk dogs, and the Deerfield guards.

Tell us about how you and erica met!

Well I’ve known my wife Erica for a little while now. We met at the surf shop when I was just a little 11 year old or so surf rat causing havoc around the beach.  She’s a couple years older than myself so growing up we actually didn’t hang out much due to the age gap, but I always had my eye on her.  So fast forward a couple years… we went to dinner on my 18th birthday. Add some years after that and now I have the wife of my dreams with an awesome son.  She’s an amazing person, wife and mother.  Very driven, smart and hardworking.  Words can’t describe how thankful I am for her. Thank you God and to her for putting up with me.


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Noah, how much does he love the water?!

Noah seems like he has a good time in ocean.  He caught his first wave this day when he was 9 months or so, and we try to go to the beach and play in the ocean as a family as much as possible.

What are your hopes for Noah?

Wow my hopes for Noah…I pray that he comes to know and follow Jesus Christ.  That he grows to be a respectful, loving, disciplined, and honest young man. As a father, I hope to be an example and to lead a life worth imitating…knowing that I’m far from perfect but teaching and learning from mistakes.

Any new hobbies aside from surfing? Tell us what you’ve been up to!

Some of my hobbies include beach volleyball, paddling, time with family,  and getting my son Noah into some waves.


Roman’s Favorites:

Song:  All genres

Food: Sushi

Drink:  depends on time of day…

Pet: Dog Dakota

Wave: Deerfield pier

Surfboard: All types for all conditions

Fins: No idea to be honest

Wax: Fu wax

Roman’s Top Picks:

Quiksilver The Panel Boardshort


Electric Knoxville Glasses in Tortoise Shell, Polarized II

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Fu Wax – Warm