Take it all in your stride with the #ROXYfitness Running Series

In part two of our #ROXYFitness Running Series, Roxy helps you get started training for the event on April 29th. We’re getting ready for another exciting event. South Florida women will have the opportunity to RUN, SUP and STRETCH it out. Join us on Deerfield Beach as part of the #ROXYfitness event series.

Roxy has created an easy running program that will guide you as you prepare for the 5km. Before you start make sure you stretch! (Check out out “get ready to run” stretches from #ROXYFitness)

Plus here’s a few running tips from the team to get the most out of your training –

  • When placing your foot on the ground imagine you’re running on a tight-rope. This way you will note to place your feet onto the ground gently and put less strain on your ankle and knee joints.
  • Relax! Make sure your fingers are loose and you’re not running with a clenched fist, this helps to relax your neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Make sure your arms don’t twist past your belly button. This will keep your hips, legs and stride straight.
  • Look straight ahead and breathe lightly. If you’re running out of breath, simply slow your pace. The closer your lips are together the easier it will be to keep a nice light breath.
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#ROXYFitness Running Program