A front in heading our direction bringing another blast of cold air and a nice little ground swell to precede it. Surfline is predicting optimal conditions later in the day today. So make plans early to get in the water.

Look for a nice little swell most of the day at Deerfield Pier


Boca Inlet will be ideal from 7am until around 1pm



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Looking for the perfect board? Surf the Rusty Muffin Top

The Muffin Top by Rusty is a versatile board that will serve you well on the sloppiest of conditions but also give you the ride you want when the conditions clean up. Rusty has combines a few of it’s favorite boards to create a board that boasts a full outline, boxy rails and a clean curve. It is their lowest rocker vehicle, best described as a wide squash with corners.

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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store: Rusty Muffin Top 5’2″ $715.00

The Rusty Muffin Top is a board that pays it’s homage to “surf skates” with flat deck and angular rails. Yet, for the Muffin Top,  Rusty shapers created a light roll in the nose with a single to double concave. These features create a “light fee off the tail gives the Muffin Top everything necessary for a modern approach to groveling”.

This board is now available in Island Water Sports. Grab a 5’2″ in stock today or custom order yours from 4’10” to 6’11” in a variety of colorways.


Stop in the store and speak with any of our surfboard specialists to place a custom order from companies like Rusty, JS, Firewire, and Channel Islands. We offer a large selection of new and used surfboards, custom boards, and surfboard accessories.

Not sure what you need? Our staff can recommend the best surfboard for your style and preferred spots.

rusty muffin top surfboard island water sports deerfield beach boca raton fort lauderdale pompano coral spring parkland westin hollywood miami south florida surfboards skateboards

Rusty Muffin Top Reviews

Great East Coast Board

Posted by Cliff on Apr 12th 2017

The Muffin Top really surpassed all expectations on the first session. I surf the South Carolina coast mainly and took it out in waist high glassy conditions for the maiden voyage. Man this board is fun! It’s so fast down the line I could pull off manuvers not possible on my conventional shortboard. I weigh 155 lbs. and ordered a 5’4 board. I’m 41 years old and really appreciated the volume on the rails for stability. It paddles well but still requires some reasonable effort to catch waves. I was able to connect sections with ease and it really turns well for a groveler. I ordered the FCS 2 system with performer medium fins. Having tried both I preferred the thruster setup to the quad. The quad was just too hard to turn for me. I would recommend this board for any East Coast surfer looking to maximise fun on most days. Good job Rusty!


Brilliant Muffin Top Magic

Posted by John Pilato on Jan 12th 2017

I ordered the Muffin Top after watching Rusty talk through its design features in his video review. I’m 5’9″ 160lbs and ordered it 5’3″.

From 1st sighting it online, it looked like it was going to be a really fun little board for summer grovelling. Clever bottom with its low rocker, rolled V into single to double concave, and wide tail block, it was always going to get going fast, be easy to get from rail to rail, and glide through slow mush fast. Just what the doctor ordered as medicine for small waves! But that’s just the beginning of the story with the Muffin Top.

The real surprise is the way this board works in waves that are bigger than your typical knee to waist high summer slop. I’ve surfed it as a quad with the new Matt Biolos template FCS2 medium fins up to 4ft in nicely lined up right hand point break waves here at Kirra Point, and The Superbank on the Gold Coast and it was super fun! Held in well, and even with a really straight outline, the chamfered rails, diamond tail, and clever bottom contours means this board will turn tighter than you’d expect as well as projecting down the line when you need to race a close out section.

The Muffin Top is a really really fun board that’s become my go to fun board for everything from ankle high to shoulder high. I have no hesitation recommending it.

Don’t let the small days keep you dry!

Posted by Greg on Nov 30th 2016

Was looking for a small wave board to avoid going to a bigger board or log. First time I rode it, I loved it! Used the new Lost fins as a quad and tried as a tri as well. Love riding it as a quad. I recommend this board as it is fun in a variety of conditions. It’ll get me out there on the waist high days which is what I wanted.