Labor Day marks the official end-of-summer, filled with barbecues and beach days. However, the beginning of September may also mark the start of some tropical induced September swells.

The weather channel said today that, “A vigorous tropical wave emerging off the African coast is likely to become the next tropical storm of the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season as another Caribbean tropical wave bears watching in the Gulf of Mexico next week.” This disturbance is called 90L. If 90L forms into the next tropical storm in the Atlantic, it will be named Florence.

September Swells in the Tropics

Tropical waves or African Easterly waves are simply batches of energy that spin in the atmosphere. They develop on the African coast due to temperature contrasts in northern Africa. The frequency and intensity of these “waves” typically around September. These tropical cyclones usuallly move westward across the tropical Atlantic Ocean through an area known as the Main Development Region (MDR) for Atlantic hurricanes.

Although August has remained rather mild in the tropics, we can not assume the same for September.  August 20th through October 10th is the period when over 60% of all hurricanes and 75% of all major hurricanes happen in the Atlantic region.

And, although weather in the tropics often equals good surf. We know that their is a fine line between a good swell and massive destruction in South Florida, the Caribbean and the Gulf.

So, as September kicks in the season for swell. Be sure to be prepared not just with a new stick from Island Water Sports, your one-stop surf shop…. but also with the supplies to keep you and your family safe in the storm.

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