A Quick and Easy Guide to extend the life of your Skateboard Bearings


Skateboarders in South Florida are no strangers to their harsh environments. After endless rainfall and humidity, the streets are crusted over with dirt, sand, and the gutters are muddy. But they’ll skate anyways.

Without taking proper care of your bearings, their lifespan will be shortened and your safety compromised. So what can you do to make sure your bearings will live to skate another day?

Here’s how to disassemble, clean, grease, and reassemble your skateboard bearings.


Tools you need:

Dirty Skateboard bearings
A skate tool
A razor blade or small pin
Isopropyl alcohol
A bowl
Bones Speed Cream

Step 1: Remove the Shields

After removing your bearings from a wheel with a skate tool, gently insert the corner of the razor blade or pin in between the metal casing of your bearing and the rubber shield and lift from the bearing exposing the ball bearings.


Step 2: Soak and Clean

Place all your bearings into a small bowl filled with half an inch of Isopropyl rubbing alcohol to remove dirt and residue from your bearings for a few minutes.

Spin the bearings in your hand to get all the dirt out from them. Put them back into the bowl.

When ready to remove, dry off your bearings on a paper towel.
*don’t forget to clean off the rubber shields too


Step 3: Add Bones Speed Cream

Use your Bones Speed Cream oil and add two drops to each bearing. Spin each bearing individually to coat all the balls inside a bearing.

Bones Speed Cream reduces friction and protects bearings from corrosion.


Step 4: Pop rubber shields back into the bearing.

Position the rubber shield over the bearing and press to cover the bearings.

Step 5: Skate!

Now you’re ready to put the bearings back in your wheel and go skate!
Depending on how often you skate or the conditions you ride in, it’s good to clean your bearings at least once a month. Oiled bearings need maintenance every couple weeks if you ride every day.

Oiled bearings need maintenance every couple weeks if you ride every day.

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