Putting grip tape on your own skateboard may be the best thing about setting up a complete. Instead of a skate shop employee applying it for you, gripping your own board gives you complete control over the look and feel of your equipment. It allows you to express yourself any way you want.

But before you can cut out cool designs or choose different colors of grip tape you’ll need to learn how to grip a skateboard.


Tools you’ll need to grip a skateboard.


  1. First, set your skateboard deck on raised flat surface like a table or a workbench.
  2. Take a sheet of grip tape and expose the adhesive by peeling off the protective paper.
  3. Carefully grab the grip by the ends as if you’re holding it like a lunch tray with the adhesive side down.
  4. Before placing it on the board, position the grip tape so that it covers all areas of your skateboard.
  5. Let the middle of the grip form a “U” shape between your hands.

You will apply the bottom of the “U” onto the center of your skateboard deck and slowly let the rest of the grip tape follow over to the nose and tail. Remove any air bubbles by smoothing it with your fingers. Stubborn air bubbles may require you to poke it with a razor blade.

  1. When your grip is air bubble free, scrape the outline of your skateboard with a skate tool or a metal file and lift up the surrounding edges so it will give you a quick and easy cut.



  1. From the underside, poke a sharp razor blade into the grip tape towards the top of the deck. You should see the corner of the razor blade poking through. Slowly cut towards you by following the outline of the skateboard.

With the excess grip tape, sand down the edges to prevent delamination. Poke holes where the bolts would go and you’re set!

Mob M-80 Griptape – Sheet