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Posted by Pedro Delfino | Sep 2, 2016

A Few Things About Carlos Mendoza You Should Know

Who is Carlos Mendoza?

Future Resident of NYC

Future Resident of NYC

Carlos Mendoza is an up and coming skateboarder from South Florida who has been making his rounds in the skateboarding realm lately by landing himself coverage in an underground magazine from the North East called Skate Jawn, and local skate films Moving Forward and Twoché.

Whether he’s in Florida, California or NYC, you can catch Carlos unleashing a Herculean style that has a magnitude of high speed tricks with direct delivery to any skate spot you put in front of him.

At only 18 years old, the experience he has skating big handrails has put him among only a few that can comfortably attack the infeasible terrain especially when those spots call for softer wheels and tighter trucks. Despite his exciting style, Carlos’ polite attitude to others translates from the way he skates into this cool dude who will kindly show you the best spots around town.

We caught up with Carlos to talk about some of his favorites and not so distant future plans.

Companies Carlos Can’t Skate Without

Carlos’s Favorite Skate Spot

Carlos Mendoza FS Blunt Cobra for Moving Forward Video

Carlos Mendoza FS Blunt Cobra for Moving Forward Video

  • Cobra is a famous hand rail in Miami and one of South Florida’s only handrails that can put a you on the map. A lot has been done on it, but don’t let that hinder you. If you muster up the courage, get there and step up! (The school’s called South Miami Senior High School.)





Quick run back up Triangle

Quick run back on Triangle. Photo: Tyler Bamdas

  • Triangle is another spot in Miami that’s seen its share of destruction. From crazy feats like Nyjah Houston’s half cab manual to Devin Abreu’s Front side Flip, there is no other spot in Miami that reaches Triangle’s caliber of fame. If you’ve never been there check it out. We recommend you take a selfie!



Favorite Skate Video

Yeah Right! A 2003 skateboard video from Girl Skateboards by Ty Evans


Favorite Bev?

Mott’s Apple Juice

Future Skating Plans?

I’m moving to New York City next Tuesday

Next Contest: Damn Am Select Series NYC Sep. 15-16, 2016

Catch Carlos Mendoza skating the Damn Am Select Series contest September 15-16 at L.E.S Skate Park in New York City. The top 2 skaters get to skip the qualifying round at Tampa Am, November 2016. Tampa Am is a high-profile contest drawing industry leaders from all over the country to watch the up and coming skaters compete for bragging rights and Instagram followers.