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“I have only skated one contest” -Nikolai Piombo


Interview By Pedro Delfino 2/23/17
Usually lurking in the background of every skate video is our good friend and longtime skate team rider, Nikolai Piombo. He is one of those tech skaters with an unmistakable style that combines gracious lip slides, with a dash of manual tricks, and an EPIC kick flip. And when I say epic, I mean no exaggeration. See the not-so average kick flip for yourself below and read more about Nikolai Piombo in his Interview.

Whats up Nikolai! Where are you living these days?

I’m staying in Long Beach, CA with all the homies.


How many live with you?

Its packed. It’s me, Josh Douglas, Jamie Foy, John Dilo, Christian Henry, and Mikey Glover.


Whats the benefit of sharing your living space with all your friends?

It’s not that cool other than cheap rent and free stickers from all the sponsored homies.

Average Day at SPOT with IWS

Team Riders (left to right) take Tampa Am 2016: Nikolai Piombo, Christian Henry, Jamie Foy, Pedro Delfino, Race Peschl, and Josh Douglas

How does it suck?

No privacy or space for your things, but it’s something you trade off to be in Long Beach for cheap and skate every single day.

You’re infamous for one worded replies and funny catch phrases.. Can you give us a rundown of what these words mean:

“Bop”, “Buckle”, “Brute”, “Structured”, “sorry for it”..?

I don’t know, they’re kind of like words you use to describe something that is sick, cool, or a waste of time. An example would be skating in Florida is a bop.. meaning it’s a waste of time.


What’s your average day like?

An average day would be the daily Açai bowl, then hit up cherry skate park and make cool Instagram edits.

Back Smith FS 180 Sequence of Nikolai Piombo | Photo: CoolDavidisCool


It’s been raining in Long Beach everyday right, does it remind you of Florida?

Yeah, It’s a bop.

One skate video you wouldn’t mind watching on repeat?

Trevor Thompson’s Noise 2 vid part

More wax or skate faster?



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