Roman Hager






NikeSB (flow), RVCA, Stance, Krux (flow), Island Water Sports




September 15, 2016 – Roman is not your ordinary grom. At the ripe age of 11 years old, Roman Hager has already beaten many goals that most skateboarders wish they could have accomplished by their late teens. While dreaming big takes Roman to places he’s never been before, he humbly admits that his success lies in the palms of others. Roman thanks his parents for being supportive for always taking him skating every day that his schedule allows.

Along with his own persistent attributes, Roman’s commitment shows in everything he does. Pursuing skateboarding isn’t the only thing that brings him joy. Skim boarding provides Roman a break from skating and to clear his mind, he competes often with victorious results. This versatility mixed with a competitive commitment to skateboarding and skim boarding just goes to show that Roman just can’t be beat.

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Roman Hager Kickflip into the night with Khye Vogt


How old are you, Roman?

RH: Im 11 years old!

You’re also a competitive skim boarder, How do you balance that between skateboarding?

RH: I get off school at 4, I go skate and then on Sunday ill go to the beach and skim, But skateboarding in my main priority right now


Skimming on a Sunday after a Gnarly week on the skateboard

Who are your sponsors?

RH: My sponsors are IWS, Nike SB(Flow), Krux(Flow), Ramp 48 Skatepark, Stance Socks, Krak Box, Trophy Grip, Zap Skim Boards.

What size board do you ride?

Right now I’m riding and 8.0 skateboard.

How did you land on Nike? For such a young dude you have some big sponsors?

Well, I have an amazing family that cares a lot about me and will do anything to make this my job. So we went to agenda and I showed my footage to RVCA and got on their program then Nike SB was a couple months after and it was the best day of my life!


What advice would you give to the kids who might be following your footsteps?

Don’t get into the bad stuff! The bad stuff just ruins you and just keep skating.


Suit Up! Roman is strong little dude.

Where do you see skating taking you in five years?

Well, I hope to be a professional skateboarder.

Favorite Bev?

“Vanilla coke!”

What are your favorite places to skate?

Ramp 48, Boynton Park

Favorite Bev?

Vanilla coke!

Upcoming projects you’re working on?

Working on a street park. It’s going to take a while, but in the meantime I’ll be skating contests like Tampa am for the first time.




Hometown? Ft. Lauderdale

DOB: March 10th 2005

Nickname: Lord of the Board

Stance: Regular

On IWS since: Since Last year