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When I sacked and got a concussion at Woodward during the five block rail contest.” -Sean O’Conner


Interview by Pedro Delfino 1/31/17

At Island Water Sports we have a long history of employing our team riders. It’s a way to get them industry experience so they’re ready to get out in the world and follow their skateboarding careers. Sean O’Connor is one of them. He started on the skate team as a grom at 10 years old and through the years he’s turned into a responsible ripper and a favorite shop employee! Get to know Sean in his Interview below:

What’s up, Sean! How long have you been skating for Island?

I’ve been on the team since 5th grade. I’ve been hyped to ride for Island ever since it’s like a family to me.


When did you start working at Island Water Sports and what’s it like?

Sean O'conor Back SmithI started working at the shop in April at the end of 10th grade almost a year ago. A usual day at the shop consists of setting up skateboards and helping people by getting them the right size shoes and clothes. Working at the shop is tight because I’m able to set up a bunch of different boards for people and interact with people from all over the world that come into the shop.

Another rad part about working at Island Water Sports is giving skate lessons because you get to introduce skateboarding to new people of all ages and show them that skateboarding is all about having fun.

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Where do you skate these days?

Lately, I’ve been going to Boynton Skatepark. But I grew up skating Tim Huxhold Skatepark in Boca Raton. There are so many skate parks in South Florida and most are free, so I typically drive everywhere. But my favorite place to skate is New York in the summertime.

All Time favorite video part?

My favorite part has to be Ishod Wair’s “ECVX14” because after he won SOTY he didn’t take a break. He just went in and executed tricks!

Can’t get enough of…?

Can’t get enough of the fact I’m not out on the west coast yet!

What are your future plans?

I plan on going to a college in Denver or LA and just keep skateboarding. Staying on my board keeps me in check.

Some of your favorite skate products?

I’m really digging the Spitfire Formula Four series. Those wheels have a good quality behind them.

Sean O'Connor wheels


My other favorites are the Nike SB Grant Taylors. Those are my goto choice cause they’re lightweight and break in quick. I can’t skate any other shoes.

Sean O'Connor Shoes