Island Water Sports Welcomes Christian Henry to the Team!

This week we’re introducing Christian Henry IWS’s newest skate team rider whose been ripping it up this past year by advancing in many local, and nationwide contests such as placing 4th in this year’s Boardr Am finals in NYC and TWS Cut at McCarren Park.

Christian’s skateboarding combines a gritty street style and effortless transition skills with an In-Your-Face kind of commitment that represents heavily of the type of music Christian listens to. That inspiration helps him take the same raw approach into his own skating that many of his hip-hop idols do to their own music.

With a big bag of tricks that range from your average destruction of ledges all the way to bean plants on DIY quarter pipes, his Big City mentality takes him as far as spending most of his summer vacations in between Miami and the Big Apple. This type of travel gives Christian a competitive edge over many other skateboarders, by dividing his time in two different cities, he’s building relationships with locals in some of the best hubs for skateboarding.


Interview by Pedro Delfino

Welcome to the Team, Christian!


Welcome to the team Christian!

Welcome to the team Christian!

Thank you!

Who are you and tell me more about your pro roller skating career?

My name is Christian Henry and I’m not pro yet, but that’s the goal!


What are your favorite products to skate in? Sponsors?

My favorite products to skate are Vans shoes, Island Water Sports Skateboards, Shake Junt Grip,  Thunder trucks 151’s, Spitfire wheels, Big boy Dickies.

My sponsors are Island Water Sports, Arcade Belts, Ramp 48 Skatepark, Stance Socks , and Gang Corp

Where do you see skating taking you in the next 5 years?

I can see skating taking me to California or NY. Hopefully staying there for good.

Favorite cities to skate in and why?

My favorite cities to skate in are New York City and Miami because they have the best spots like marble ledges and big handrails.



Favorite Bev?

Arizona Green tea

Current and Upcoming projects?

Me and Carlos are sharing a part for my homie’s skate video out in NY. Shout out Sweet Sixteen! And I’m trying to work on a video project with the homie Matt Smith who films down here in South Florida.



Rider Status: Amateur.

Hometown: Jersey city, New Jersey!

Currently Resides: Currently  in Florida, but will by Residing in NY very soon.

Date of Birth: 01/06/98

Stance: Regular.

On IWS since: Recently got on IWS this past summer.