Slater Designs Gamma Shortboard

World Champion Kelly Slater loves the use of CAD when developing new and high-tech boards. It was this interest that led to his design of  Slater Designs’s new 2017 utility short board, the GAMMA. The Gamma has a single concave bottom with a slight “V” behind the back fin, making it extremely fast and “drivey” with great rail-to-rail transitions. With a distinct hip, medium rocker and a slightly pinched rail, you get a tighter turning radius.

“The distinct hip on the Gamma gives it a tighter turning radius allowing it to be ridden in a shorter wider set of dims as well as the common performance short board dims. This board excels in a broad range of waves and conditions.” says Slater Designs

Using CAD, Kelly was able to modify variables on the board. He tested and retested the design in order to come up with 2017’s best all-around performance shortboard. Perfect for Florida wave, the Slater Designs Gamma Surfboard is intended for surf that is 3-6 foot. Each board comes with a 5-Fin setup.



Here are the Gamma Surfboard, stats:


Length    Width Thickness Tail               Volume
4′ 8″ 16 1/2″ 1 7/8″ Squash 14.8
5′ 0″ 16 7/8″ 1 15/16″ Squash 16.9
5′ 2″ 17 1/4″ 2″ Squash 18.4
5′ 4″ 18 1/2″ 2 5/6″ Squash 23.4
5′ 6″ 18 1/4″ “2 1/4” Squash 23.3
5′ 6″ 18 7/8″ 2 3/8″ Squash 25.4
5′ 8″ 18 3/8″ 2 1/4″ Squash 24.3
5′ 8″ 18 1/8″ 2 7/16″ Squash 27.2
5′ 9″ 18 3/8″ 2 5/6″ Squash 25.3
5′ 9″ 19 1/4″ 2 1/2″ Squash 28.5
5′ 10″ 18 1/2″ 2 3/8″ Squash 26.5
5′ 10″ 18 1/2″ 2 9/16″ Squash 30
5′ 11″ 18 7/8″ 2 7/16″ Squash 28.1
5′ 11″ 18 7/8″ 2 5/8″ Squash 31.8
6′ 0″ 19 1/8″ 2 1/2″ Squash 29.7
6′ 0″ 20″ 2 11/16″ Squash 33.2
6′ 2″ 19 1/4″ 2 9/16″ Squash 31.5
6′ 2″ 20 1/4″ 2 3/4″ Squash 35.4
6′ 3″ 19 1/2″ 2 5/8″ Squash 33.1
6′ 4″ 20 1/2″ 2 7/8″ Squash 38.5
6′ 6″ 20 1/2″ 2 7/8″ Squash 39.1
6′ 6″ 21 1/2″ 3 1/16″ Squash 44.1
6′ 8″ 21″ 3″ Squash 43.3
6′ 8″ 22″ 3 1/8″ Squash 47.3


Slater Designs Gamma Details:


Slater's Firewire Gamme Island Water Sports Kelly Slater South Florida Surf Shop Deerfield Beach Boca Raton

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced


RAILS: Medium/Slightly Pinched Rails

ROCKER: Medium Entry/Flat Exit

TAIL: Squash

FINS: Tri-Quad. Fins Not Included

CONSTRUCTION Helium Construction

Helium Technology

Helium construction is a breakthrough in extremely lightweight and durable performance epoxy technology. By pairing existing features from the highly successful FST (Future Shapes Technology) build process with an alternative sandwich skin material, Helium construction uses this new composite in conjunction with a redesigned parabolic wood rail that includes both Balsa and Paulownia woods. The end result is that Helium has a +15% weight reduction over FST, a slightly faster flex and rebound characteristic, as well as a higher breakpoint. Lighter, stronger and more responsive… Helium is the future under your feet.




Kelly Slater Firewire Gamma Island Water Sports Deerfield Beach Boca Raton South Florida Surf Shop


Kelly Slater, Slater Designs & Firewire

About three years ago, Firewire approached Kelly Slater. Kelly happened to be on the market to invest in a board company. Firewire founder Nev Hyman remembers, “I said to Kelly, you will not only be the best surfer in the world but the best surfboard-designer,” says Nev. “Combine that level of intelligence (Kelly has a law degree) with the tools we’re providing him and can you imagine where he’ll take it?” Already, working with the Lennox Heads shaper Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson, the pair have created Slater Designs.

When the first boards from Slater Designs were developed, Nev recounts, “I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was aesthetically beautiful, complex but beautiful. All of Tomo’s stuff had excited me – with reservation. But the curves on this board would make any shaper weep with happiness. This is going to completely blow everything away. It’s going to be sensational for Firewire…”

Now Firewire and Slater Designs boast three of the best selling shapes in the industry. The newest is the Gamma. The Gamma is Kelly’s 2017 utility short board! They have also created the Omni. According to Slater Designs, “The Omni takes modern functional aesthetics to new places with a clean and minimalistic meeting of Kellys performance round tails and Tomo’s modern planing hull designs. The Omni will revel in smaller waves upto 5ft with smooth and extremely radical performance capability. Suited to intermediate to advanced riders. 5-fin option.” And, finally the Sci-Fi which claims to be, “a mash up of classic curves and modern rocker served with a Futuristic twist of fluid dynamic principles likely found in the design archives of Bruce Wayne.” Check out all of these and more at Island Water Sports in Deerfield Beach, Florida.



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