Hey everyone Surf Camp is back!!! Spring Break!!! 

This is the first week of Spring Break surf camp and we are at the beach with 25 kids.  We weren’t about to let a little cold weather ruin our fun! The campers were outfitted with wetstuits and we hit the water! We went surfing, skimming, tubing, and snorkeling! Here’s a photo of some of the campers burying their counselors! We were lucky to have surf most of the week and the day that it was flat we got the Jet-Ski and went Tubing! We had a few campers from Canada and New Jersey so it was easy to see that the cold would not affect them at all! The sun was shining all week and the campers and instructors all had a great time in the sand and surf! 

Join in on all the fun at www.islandcamps.com