What Stance sock fits your vibe?

Stance changed the game in a category that was once ignored. Ready to find your perfect Stance sock?

It’s no surprise this fall’s must have item is a pair of statement socks. Socks aren’t just important to athletes, they’re for all…whether you’re a hipster, fashionista, skater, or gamer. Stance socks are vital to make a killer entrance back to school. What Stance Sock fits your vibe?

Here’s a mini guide to help you find the perfect sock to fit your vibe.Stance Sock Science


  • Athletic Fusion: …moisture-wicking and cushion padding in a sock for athletes is a must! Check out the Spectacle for a top of the line performance sock.
  • Stance Sock AnkletsAnklets: Pretty in pink or bold in black?  All fashionistas have to try out these anklet socks. Pair the Sirianni with sneakers or go the complete and opposite way with the Sharked and couple it with heels for a Rihanna inspired look. (P.S: She’s a Stance muse!!!)
  • Skate Fusion: The appearance of a classic crew cut and dominating performance sounds like it’s muse, Chris Cole. The skate fusion socks have durable mesh, breathable material and premium cottom to provide the ultimate comfort and cushion. Check the Viper out, for another top of the line performance sock!
  • STARWARS-Stance-Sock200 Needle Count: Embrace your inner geek with the Storm Trooper sock from the Star Wars collection. The 200 needle count thread is even classy to wear to your new internship (We got you college students!)
  • Premium Cotton: Enthusiastic about making statements in comfort?  The Fourth, Penny, Most Wanted and many more of these socks are just for you. Why sacrifice comfort and style when you can get both? These are a little less than the 200 needle count thread but closest in texture.
  • Classic Crew Cut: You can’t go wrong with the classic and original model because it was the first of all these! The Olympia, Yonder, Strength, Recess are some of many! The classic crew cut has a lot to offer in variety of prints and colors.


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