Steven “Turtle” Herman, 16 years with Island Water Sports


This year marks the 16th year that Steven “Turtle” Herman has been on our skate team.

It also sets a record of longest team rider, even longer than some of our youngest riders have been alive. We figured we’d commemorate our most loyal rider by interviewing him, someone who’s been a real inspiration to every rider by showing us that no matter where skating may or may not take you, It will always be there to keep you going!

Stoked for you, Turtle!



Interview by Pedro Delfino


Congrats, Turtle! You’ve been on IWS skate team for 16 years. How old are you and how long have you been skating?

Thanks! I’m 27 and started at 10. So pretty much my whole life.

Who are your sponsors?

Doom Sayers Club
Ace trucks
Ramp 48 Skatepark
Stance Socks

Do you have any projects in the works?

I have a couple car builds, but who knows if they will ever be ready for that track

How did you get into skateboarding?

My dad did BMX and he came home with a quarter pipe.I had this Walmart board or something and I fell soo hard. About a month later I did an Ollie which I didn’t even know what that was honestly.

What keeps you motivated to keep skating?

Honestly all the homies man everyone seeing grow up killing it like Jaime foy little Austin and Pedro just gets me pumped up

Which skateboarders do you look up to the most?

Probably Robbie Russo who’s a big homie of mine out in SAN PEDRO, California. Just watching his style and speed is sick. He’s a great dude to be around and a big motivator

Turtle,How has skateboarding shaped your life, what experiences do you cherish the most that have been related to skating?

Thanks to God for letting me go this far on a piece of wood with some wheels. God bless ?.

What’s your board set up right now?

8.5 Island setup with size 44 ace trucks, 54mm Spitfire Wheels.

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In what direction do you want skateboarding to take you?

Honestly, I’m not going pro. I’m 27 and have beat myself up over the years .. I just wanna be able to wake up and skate happily.

Favorite trick?

Come on man you know! Madonna

Steven Turtle Herman’s favorite trick Madonna to Tail at frost park #circusbowlforever

What’s your favorite video part?

I don’t have one, but all of Marc Johnson’s parts are serious!

 Favorite Bev?

Arizona RX Energy. I drink about 8 cans a day.

Have any last words?

Yes thank you Island Water Sports for the 16 years on the team. Mom and Dad.. Actually all of my sponsors! Thank you so much ?