Support Local: 5 Florida Skate Brands You Should Know About

Florida isn’t exactly synonymous with a big skate industry like California. We’re just a speck caught within the bearings of skateboarding’s marvelous story. But that doesn’t mean our state doesn’t try.

The sunshine state’s skate history is cluttered with undocumented tales of people who invented the first groundbreaking tricks that ultimately led to skateboarding’s progression. The ollie was invented here by Alan Gelfand. Rumors of the first disaster pre-dating Duane Peter’s pervade the older generations language. Their lectures to younger skaters often enter through one ear and out the other.

At the end of the day, it’s jargon. What’s more important are the local brands contributing to a largely underserved market.

Here is a list of 5 Florida Skate Brands you should know about.

Florida Daze

A collective by Mikey Glover from Jupiter, FL, Florida Daze is a series of skate videos turned into a small clothing company, yet a very defining part of Florida’s recent skate scene.

Florida Daze’s product line features high-quality hats and T-shirts often themed with reminders of our state’s unique climate. Their latest embroidered hat has an Alligator wrapped around a Palm Tree which will soon to be available in store.



Florida Gold

Florida Gold pays tribute to FL in the form of our famous cash crop. The small skateboard wax company presents wax molded into Orange slices used for priming up obstacles.



WKND Skateboards

Photo: WKND | Click image to shop WKND

Weekend Skateboards can be traced back to Florida through Grant Yansura’s old satirical videos.

They now operate out of California, but the crew had a big impact in shedding light to many local rippers.

They even paid homage to a classic Florida skate video by Matt Webster borrowing the title “Share the Streets” for one of WKND’s boards.











Lake Skateboards

 Lake Skateboards has been skater owned and operated by Mark Lake since 1987. Having had success in the 90’s, vert skating had taken a rest and so did Lake Skateboards. Since then they’re back and running new designs like their new classic Oranges popsicle deck.

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Skate Shop Decks

A large supporter of the FL skate scene are the skate shops within it. While it’s rare to have a shop near you these days, most bigger towns and cities with skateparks have at least one. And to that, we celebrate the first companies to open the doors for skateboarding into this state.

Island Water Sports has been serving Deerfield Beach for over 30 years and supporting the local skate scene for about the same amount of time.

Our shop decks have always been an inexpensive alternative to the bigger name brands.


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