It was a Friday afternoon and Sam Ruskin was catching some waves with his cousin at Jupiter inlet. He noticed a man struggling by the rocks of the inlet. Growing up surfing in the area, he felt comfortable enough to paddle toward the jetty and try to rescue the man.

Jupiter Inlet

Sam, an avid surfer, felt confident that he could rescue the man and the entire rescue was captured on video by a drone. The drone footage shows a wave overtaking the boat and it capsizing as it heads into the inlet. The man, who appears to be alone, tries to hold on but then starts swimming towards the rocks. As he gets dangerously close to the rocks, the drone footage shows Sam paddle over and help him.

According to Sun-Sentinel, that is when Sam said, “Come on, get on!” (offering his board to the man). “We have to paddle out of the current.” Together they made their way about 150 feet to the beach. After helping the boater, Sam just went right back to surfing.
Sam did not consider himself a hero but Palm Beach County disagrees. Today, Sam Ruskin was given an engraved wooden plaque and a standing ovation in the commission chambers.

Surfer Saves Life of a Man at Jupiter Inlet

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