Hurley USA Olympic Team Collection

Hurley USA Olympic Team Collection

Surfing &
Skateboarding Status:

Olympics Bound

Surfing & skateboarding officially enter the “world’s greatest stage of sporting” as of August 3rd, 2016. Is this the end? Or just beginning?


4:09 PM– Finally, a few minutes to grab a snack and catch up with my newspaper: Twitter. I’m expecting Clinton-Trump GIFS or relatable Arthur cartoon memes to giggle about. Instead, the first thing I read is,  “so…the Olympic’s huh?”

4:10 PM – I’m frantically scrolling to see what sports are joining the 2020 Olympic games…surfing and skateboarding are in! Cue the mixed emotions and political debates on my feed.

4:15 PM – Breathe. The decision by the IOC (International Olympics Committee) has already been made. Don’t lose your mind or friends over a debate.

7:22 PM – Forget that!!! Let’s start a group text and see what the IWS crew thinks!

Cheyne Cottrell: Does this mean the first contest will be using Kelly Slater’s wave pool?

Toni: Maybe?!?! That thing is amazing!

Jake Feldmann: I heard he’s already sold Russia a blue print

Tommy Lysengen: Roses are red, violets are blue, surfing ‘s in the Olympics, now you can be too

7:52 PM – At this point I’m uncontrollably laughing and forgetting the pros or cons talk. Thank the Lord for these comedians, they sure know how to lighten up any given situation.

7:53 PM – New text!

Pedro Delfino: I think Olympic skateboarding provides a good opportunity to many skateboarders that are having trouble breaking into the the skate industry due to politics. It’s also an opportunity for retired champions to continue their career being coaches or start training facilities specializing in Olympic training.

7:54 PM – *Mic Drop* If you really look at it from all perspectives like Pedro…it seems like this could be a start of something really great.

8:00 PM – As a result, I thought about the past, present, and future of competitive surfing and skateboarding. Lately, event and contest attendance has been on a steady decline. Perhaps, a pivotal change like this was just what was needed to boost participation.

8:30 PM – After scrolling through Instagram I realize how many parents and kids spend their time and resources on a sport that might not have much to give back in monetary terms. Primarily, it’s out of love and for the epic memories. However, it would be awesome for our groms to have a future in something we once wished we could make a living doing. Right?!

8:47 PM – Tell family about surfing and skateboarding being in the 2020 Olympic games. Expectation and reality are the same: *dance party* “U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!”

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…time to support the homies and stock up on Olympic gear!