During the years of 2005-2010 there was an elite group of groms that reigned over the Deerfield Beach lineup. Out of this crew, Tanner Strohmenger, was one of the youngest members that quickly became a familiar name across the globe for his surfing abilities. With ten years on Quiksilver’s team and ten years plus with us, we decided it was time to catch up with our team rider. Not only that, we’ve got a time capsule of photos to prove he’s still shredding today.


Name: Tanner Strohmenger

D.O.B: 01-05-94

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Island Water Sports, Freak, Sharp Eye



with Tanner Strohmenger

How did you begin surfing? Was it easy for you?

I started surfing at the free surf lessons from Island [Water Sports] on Saturday mornings actually! Since I was small [and] on a bigger board it was easy to get up from what I remember.


Wouldn’t want to be paddling past those buckets!

What’s been the most challenging wave you’ve ever surfed?

Right hand points were tough for me for a while. [I] had to slow myself down and change my approach.

Throwback of Tanner taking some gold home from NSSA!

What compelled you to begin surfing competitively?

Wanting to see where I ranked among my peers, and region. And I just loved, still do, being competitive with almost anything.

Tanner is no stranger to knee high waves, thus making the best of them!

You used to do a lot of contests, what’s some advice you’d give your 13 year old self?

I would surf a bit differently in contests sometimes, more conservative, which wasn’t really natural to me. So I guess surf heats nearly the same way I free surf.

Tanner back in 2013

You’ve been all over the world, is there a place still left on your check list? What would be on your itinerary?

Oh yeah there’s many! Menatwaiis, South Africa, bvi’s, Barbados, parts of the Bahamas. Would love to take a boat and explore the Caribbean for a winter.

Mr. and Mrs. Strohmenger with their catch of the day

Any new hobbies aside from surfing? Tell us what you’ve been up to!

Do a lot of fishing, and diving. Also play a good amount of sports, basketball, throw the football around, tennis, golf. Like staying active and get the competitive juices flowing.



Tanner’s Favorite…

Song: Ride Natty Ride

Food: Cinnamon Rolls

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Pet: Misty!

Wave: Deerfield Pier

Surfboard: Sharp Eye Disco

Fins: FCS Large Merricks

Wax: FU

Tanner’s Top Picks

Sharp Eye Disco



FU Wax – Warm

Quiksilver Swell Vision Dye Vee 20 Boardshort


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