From Florida to NYC, an Interview with Thomas Del Carpio


The last time I got to skate with Thomas Del Carpio was almost a year ago before he moved to NYC. We organized a final skate session with all of our friends, wished him luck, shared a few laughs, and talked about all the great times the city will bring him. After that, I moved away to California and never got around to visit him in New York Until September this year.

If you haven’t met Thomas Del Carpio yet then you’re missing out on a lot. His infectious humor ascends from dark, yet hilarious contexts that brings comfort and binds your friendship together even when you can’t even handle his jokes anymore. An attitude which stems from comedy, Thomas quickly turns into sincere comradery and he’s swift to make you feel welcomed.

It’s an awesome experience to be around Thomas and even better to watch him skate. Compile all his mannerisms into skateboarding and you have a style that is both creative and inventive. Thomas Del Carpio’s skating directly resembles 90’s nostalgia noticeable in his pressure flips. From back smiths to The Smiths, add some indie music in the mix and you have a perfect recipe for an absolute skate destroyer.

Interview by Pedro Delfino

So New York City, huh? you like it?

The City is sick! Lots of good times, but it can also feel pretty lonely which isn’t a bad thing.

Would you ever come back to Florida?


Best thing about NYC?

The best thing about NYC is the culture. There’s always a different show going on every night whether it’s visual art, music, fashion, or a skate video premier. There are never dull moments!.

Last concert you went to?

I went to an obscure experimental show with a few different bands. I don’t really remember the names but it was pretty sick. There’s a Show Me the Body show this Friday in the Bronx.

How’d you get into skateboarding?

My sister had an old Walmart and I’d always pretend I could skate. Eventually I got a real skateboard and stuck with it.

What inspired you to keep skating?

I guess just making a bunch of friends from skateboarding inspired me to keep going. I didn’t have a lot of friends in elementary school.

Whats your board setup look like?

Right now I’m skating a Hotel Blue board, Independent Trucks, and Spitfire Wheels.


How does NYC terrain differ from other cities?

New York is just crustier in general. Every skate spot has a crack or a weird pole in the way or a cellar door in front of it. Every trick done in a video in NYC is twice as gnarly than it looks on film. There are no perfect spots, but thats the fun of it.


You used to be a frat boy, what got you back into skating?

Hahaha I would’t say frat guy! I just lost myself for a little and got bored of skateboarding. I was going to school and partying to much, but it happens to the best of us!

What is it about skateboarding that doesn’t belong in the “normal” world?

I feel like skateboarding is supposed to be the dismantle of the “normal” world. But I don’t know if “normal” people want to skate. What ever!

Why does it seem like skateboarding doesn’t have that edgy feel anymore?

Hmm I guess the whole “not being edgy” thing has something to do with big business sponsors like Mountain Dew or Red Bull doing weird stuff. But also it’s kind of cool to know that people can actually live off of skateboarding and be comfortable financially. At the end of the day I hope that kids aren’t skating because how it will make them look whether it’s “edgy” or not.

What is an average day look like for you?

Depending on my work schedule I’ll wake up, have a cup of coffee, get something to eat, and try to street skate if the weather permits. otherwise I try to keep it diverse as possible from day to day. I really hate getting stuck in a routine type of thing.

Top 5 songs readers should now about?

Joe Walsh- Life’s been good to me so far

Arthur Russel- See my Brother, He’s jumping in ( Let’s Go Swimming)

Elliot Smith- I Love My Room

The Cure- Untitled

25 ta Life- Separate Ways


Any last words?

Thanks Pedro for doing this interview! Love you and miss you mate. I’ll see you in December. Also a major shout out to Dan Lundy, love that fool!