Jamie Foy and The Thunder Trucks Team Road Trip Through Denver and SLC

Check out this edit featuring IWS team rider Jamie Foy and the rest of the Thunder Trucks team as they stomp down an array of big rails, ledges, and slim run ups on their road trip through Denver and Salt Lake City.

Video by Tim Fulton

Thunder Trucks New and Old

Their video titled “Thunder Trucks : Trippin Denver/SLC” features Jamie Foy, Zion Wright, Corey Millet, Tyson Bowerbank, Jack Olson, and Robbie Brockel as they venture out of California and into Denver and Salt Lake City for a Thunder Trucks filming mission.

 Photos by Gabe Mumford



Thunder Team Relaxes after Some Hammers

Camaraderie runs deep on road trips.



Jamie Fs Smith on Thunder Trucks Tour

Jamie Foy Sends a Front Smith down an eleven stair hand rail.



Robbie Brockel could probably Ollie all ten of these stacked up skate boards.




IWS team rider Jamie Foy effortlessly Back Smith’s down this rail. We wish we had these hand rails in Florida.

Jamie has been an a good one this entire year! We’re looking forward to see what he pulls off next. If you missed any of Jamie’s skating you can click on recent posts Here.







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