Variety Vol. 1 makes a premiere in Deerfield Beach, FL!

Tyler Bamdas | Previewing the goods | Photo: Luke Lutz

Anybody can pick up an iPhone and call themselves a cinematographer now a days but it’s people like Tyler Bamdas who can truly claim the title with the portfolio to prove it. His work has become so successful that Thrasher Magazine is backing his latest project, Variety Vol.1. Bamdas flew in this week for the video premiere of Variety Vol.1 and gave us a little snapshot of what we can look forward to this weekend. Count this interview as your inside scoop to the video and the mastermind behind the lens!

Let’s back up a bit, tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got starting filming. 

“So pretty much, I’ve always been interested in cameras, the way they work. I liked working with them a lot and sorta just wanted more experience with them. So, I got my first video camera when I was 14 and then I just went to the Boca Skate Park and just made videos of my friends. Eventually, it just led to us going to street spots all over South Florida. We started borrowing my mom’s car to get to Miami, Fort Lauderdale or using our skateboards to skate around Boca [Raton].”

Eventually that led to bigger projects like. Tell us about your recent video! Places you guys skated? Who can we can expect to see? Highlights?

The video title is called Variety Vol. 1, [and] that’s going to be released with Thrasher Magazine. It’s the first of many series, actually, that I hope to make in the next coming years or so. VV1 features some Florida dudes like Josh Douglas and Will Gomez. You’ll also see Hugo Flores, Alec Spinosi, Ryan Hamburg, Adrian Sisk, John Dilorenzo, Christian Dufrene, Henry Gartland…..just a lot of up and coming amateur skaters. We pretty much stayed mainly in like the Southern California area but there is some San Fransisco, some San Diego, a little bit of Miami…there’s Atlanta actually. Yeah, we did a good amount of traveling. We were on the road a lot. I was coming back to Florida pretty frequently to meet up with people who couldn’t get out to the West Coast.

So I remember talking to you about this project a few weeks ago and the name wasn’t picked out yet. What the story behind Variety Vol 1 ? 

The name variety pretty much came from each kid being from a different area of the country. New York, Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, California and the friends section, in the middle of the film, we have Minnesota, Arizona, and Texas.

We have any international names in the house? 

No [laughs]. No, if Frogger was here we would have that!

Maybe we can expect a Variety International Volume soon? 

Yeah, for the next one I definitely want to do a Barcelona trip. I definitely want to get out there for the next one. Spots are insane. Spots everywhere.

So last question for you. At what moment can we take the cue to take our phones out because we HAVE to snap it and show the world? Without giving to much away of course! 

[Long pause] Hugo Flores. When Hugo’s name comes up on the screen, for sure take your phone out and just stay tuned. Can’t say much more but Hugo Flores for sure!

Be sure to come through for Tyler’s video premier for Variety Vol.1 this Saturday at American Rock Bar.