IWS Takes Tampa


Last weekend the entire IWS skate team booked an Airbnb right outside of Tampa Airport for Tampa Am. The annual contest invited hundreds of established and aspiring Amateurs skaters and fans to join in a weekend long party.


The team poses in front of Skatepark of Tampa



Pedro Delfino Crail Slides into the Converse Bowl Jam outdoor course of Tampa Skatepark

A Reunited Team

It was the first time the entire team got together for about a year and a half since we had our usual summer skate trip around Florida. If you didn’t already know half of our team lives in California now pursuing their skating careers. So getting together was important, but the reunion was bittersweet.

We’re really just a big family. Different in their own way, each skater butted heads with one another especially when it came to house chores, but regardless we were all stoked we got to skate together again and film with our good friend Tyler Bamdas.




Nikolai Piombo’s first trick at the New Bro Bowl park was this Fs Blunt slide through the entire rail


Joshua Douglas Ollies at the New Bro Bowl on a sunny Sunday











Some of the parks we skated were the new Bro bowl, Skatepark of Tampa where the contest was held, and Riverwalk Skatepark.

Unfortunately, none of the team riders made it into Tampa Am finals. However, the results can be found by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy the video by  Tyler Bamdas! And don’t forget to keep up with IWS Skate by following @IWS_Skate on Instagram!

Skaters: Joshua Douglas, Christian Henry, Nikolai Piombo, Fabiana Delfino, Pedro Delfino, Jamie Foy, Dan Lundy, and Race Peschl.