Wave technology seems to be everywhere. But now the buzz is that the Perfect Swell technology is perfectly imperfect. Seems like many will no be catching waves in Waco.

The system produces a three wave set, allowing multiple surfers to be in the pool at the same time. Waves are spaced about 5 seconds apart with a new set every 45 seconds.

Those who have surfed it say you can surf rights and lefts with just enough imperfection to make the rides feel a little more like being in the ocean. It is said to be a short ride than Kelly’s wave but with plenty of tube time, air & wedgy sections, and even some challenging closeouts to add a little spice. Wave heights range between three and eight foot.

Perfect Swell Technology

The American Wave Machine technology is called PerfectSwell. They claim to be “the first and only air-pressure system to create naturally occurring ocean swells for authentic world-class surfing.”

“The beauty of our system is that we can deliver all the different faces the ocean throws at you,” Magnusson told Surfer Today. “So, it’s just not one wave. We can make you a point break, a peeling wave, a beach break and give you an air section.”

The Cost to Surf Waves in Waco

According to The Inertia,

“Pricing falls squarely in the affordable range, with an hour of pool time starting at $60 an hour, $80 for four hours, and $100 for a full day.”

This now makes BSR Cable Park the most affordable wave around. So if you are up for paying $60 for 60 minutes and about 15 waves, this new park may be worth a try. Or grab a season pass for $1,000 and surf all day.

The Buzz

According to Austin 360 Magazine,

Mike Klein, a board member of the Austin Surf Club who moved to Austin from Newport Beach, California, got a sneak peek. “This wave’s got way more power, and it’s more like an ocean wave. It can change sequence, power and timing to create any type of wave you can imagine. At the other pools, it’s the same wave over and over again. It’s something like you’d find in Hawaii – a very powerful wave not for the average surfer. Part of the cool thing about surfing is the unpredictability, and how a surfer adapts and makes off-the-hip decisions. This feels more like an ocean setting, with a sandy beach that wraps around the outside, a swim-up pool and bar, and they’re building a huge surf shop,” Klein said.