Build a Skate Park in Deerfield Beach!

If you’re local you know Deerfield Beach is a wonderful small town with a vibrant surf and skate scene. We have well-kept beaches and young crowds that enjoy an active lifestyle. Deerfield also has great city parks but not one offers a place for our community to skate.

Help us change that by signing this petition

to bring a state-of-the-art skateboarding facility to Deerfield beach.


Before you sign, lets put things into perspective. Skateboarding continues to grow in popularity- even becoming one of the newest Olympic sports. It’s a no brainer that our city should invest in a skate park and here are the reasons why:

  • There Isn’t a Safe Place For Skateboarders.

Because there isn’t a place for skateboarders to practice their tricks, they head out onto the streets and private properties where they risk getting struck by cars or in trouble with the law. Unfortunately, the only place with similar obstacles as a proper skate park is the newly renovated Sullivan park. Lately, skateboarders have been getting into trouble at the park because of the close proximity to the fountain. At any given day the fountain can have up to 12 bystanders enjoying a day under the sun while skateboarders are practicing.

  • Skate Parks Revitalize Cities & Builds Community

Skateparks provide a gathering place for participants of the highly popular sport, yet a scattered community to get to know each other and build friendships. They also provide an opportunity for local businesses and organizations to know a next generation as well as a place to host events.

Having a skate park in Deerfield Beach will boost local businesses. Skateboarders from all over south Florida will visit Deerfield Beach, hang out, and check many of the local restaurants or fill up at the Gas stations before leaving. Skate parks are just cool and having a well-built skate park with a bowl and street obstacles is a huge enhancement to a city, especially in south Florida. This would make Deerfield Beach stand apart from the other cities.

  • Skateboarding Lowers Crime

It may seem ironic given the stereotype associated with skateboarders but skating actually improves education. Skateboarding challenges participants and builds confidence. It teaches participants how to handle failure. As a skateboarder’s skill improves so will their awareness of physics. A great example that skateboarders will learn is how wheel size and surface area affects traction. It’s an excellent introduction to physics and there are many courses that teach science through skateboarding like Smithsonian’s Create-A-Skate programs.

Skateboarding also provides an outlet for teens to express themselves. Teens with productive activities are less likely to associate themselves with crime. For those who feel isolated, skateboarding creates a sense of identity. Now that summer break is approaching many teens will seek different ways to alleviate their boredom… that can spell trouble.

If you think Deerfield Beach would benefit from having a skate park, please sign and share the petition with friends and family!

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