The Road to Radness Contest Comes back to Ramp 48 Skatepark on Saturday October 15, 2016 at 9 Am!

road to radness


What are you doing on October 15th? Nothing! Sorry to hear, We have the perfect solution to end your summer bummer boredom. Patch up those holes in your skate shoes and superglue those chips back onto your skateboard because Island Water Sports is hosting a qualifiers Street and Bowl contest at Ramp 48 skate park on October 15th, 2016 at 9 am.

Jam packed with awesome prizes like skateboards, t-shirts, and more, The Road to Radness contest eventually leads into Daytime Radness which is Island Water Sports 6th annual end of the year Sale and Benefit in the form of an eventful block party right on Deerfield beach.

With Van’s hosting a ramp-jam Finals at Daytime Radness October 21st, 2016, Road to Radness is a great opportunity to stack your gear up, showcase those moves you’ve been working all summer, and benefit the Hager family who are the subjects of this year’s Daytime Radness Benefit.


Follow this link for Contest registration:

Event Details


* Street Groms (9 and Under)2feeae_1abe9d55a54c46eebfa12856fd1a4f7c-mv2_d_2048_1366_s_2
* Street 10 to 12
* Street 13 to 15
* Street Girls
* Street 16 and up
* Street Sponsored
* Bowl Groms (9 and Under )
* Bowl 10 to 13
* Bowl 14 & up
* Bowl Girls
* Bowl Sponsored

* 9am: Registration starts
* 10am: Street Groms 9 and Under Division: Jams
* 10:30am: Street 10 to 12 Division: Jams
* 11am: Street 13 to 15 Division: Jams
* 11:30am: Street Girls Division: Runs
* 12pm: Awards Break
* 12:15pm: Street 16 and up Division: Jams
* 1:00pm: Street Sponsored Division: Jams
* 1:30pm: Awards Break
* 2pm: Bowl Groms 9 and Under Division: Jams
* 2:30pm: Bowl 10 to 13 Division: Jams
* 3pm: Bowl 14 & up Division: Jams
* 3:30pm: Bowl Girls Division: Jams
* 4:00pm: Bowl Sponsored Division: Jams
* 4:30pm: Awards

* Runs format events: 2, 50 second runs, best run counts as your final score.
* Street Jams format events: 3 skaters per jam, 3 minutes per jam. Runs are Judged on overall impression.
* Bowl Jams format events: 8 skaters per jam, 3 runs at 30 seconds each, skate in order until you fall. Judged on overall impression.
* Top three from each division advance automatically to finals at Road to Radness (Bowl Only)


Meet the Hagar Family:

Daytime Radness Hager


“The 2016 Daytime Radness event will benefit the Hager’s (a South Florida skate family) and bring awareness to Colon Cancer.

13710473_1105255806164308_40708214621299733_oAaron Hager is a hardworking, loving husband and father. On his 43rd birthday he thought he was having a stroke at work. He called his wife who picked him up and took him to the ER. He was promptly admitted.

After many tests the doctors found a large tumor in his colon. He has had the tumor/cancer removed and is now undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Aaron has documented his story and has posted it in hopes that it will help others who are going through the same situation. If you would like to read his story please visit

Angie and Aaron have two boys. Their 11-year-old Roman is on a mission to become a professional skateboarder and their 10-year-old Rocco is someone who always makes you smile at life. Rocco too has a dealt with medical issues struggling with childhood diabetes most of his life. But despite all this, the Hager’s are still known for giving back to the skate community and being a HUGE support to others.”


Not Convinced that The Road to Radness Contest Leads to Radness?


Last year’s Ramp Jam Finals at DTR went off! Check out the Recap.


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