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Jon Pyzel grew up in Santa Barbara, California. He started surfing in junior high and quickly grew to love the thrill of riding a wave. Soon a local shaper, Matt Moore put him on his team. Matt metored Jon, always explaining the ideas and principles of surfboard design as Jon watched him shape. In 1992, Jon made the move to Oahu in the search for better waves and warmer water. He scored a job at County Surfboards fixing dings where he began to dive deeper into shaping. After a little while, Jeff moved to working with master shaper Jeff Bushman as his back-shaper.

Pyzel & John John Florence

In 1998, Alex Florence approached Jon about making a board for her oldest son John John. John John was only who was 5 at the time. Jon and John John worked together to redefine what was possible for Grom surfng.  Now 20 year later, John John Florence a World Champ, widely considered the best surfer alive. John John has stayed loyal to Pyzel surfboards along the way.

     “When we think about our company today, we consider JJF as one of the cornerstones to our success, not just for his amazing surfing ability, but also for his loyalty, his humble attitude,  his gratitude, and his positive outlook on life. We didin’t start this all to become a giant company, putting out as many “units” as we could, we started it because we love surfing and everything that goes with that – travel to new lands, great friendships, adventure.  But most of all we started this because we love surfboards!” – Jon Pyzel

Family Run Business

Pyzel Surfboards still remains a family-run business but  has grown to be an international business.  Jon and his wife Dali live on the beach in Hawaii with their 2 daughters. The entire family helps run the Pyzel Surfboards factories.

“We take great pride in every board we build, and have do our very best to make sure that our customers are getting exactly the right board for what they want to do.   We have licensees in 7 countries around the globe, and Jon shapes in Australia, Europe, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, South America and California.” – Jon Pyzl

Pyzel boards have been ridden by many of the world’s best surfers, including John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Mark Healey, Jack Freestone, Michel Bourez, Jadson Andre, Nathan Florence, Koa Rothman, Koa Smith, Fredrico Morais, Matt Archbold, Billy Kemper and many more.  Stu Kennedy, Alex and Koa Smith, Ryan Calinan, Rizal Tanjung,  Frederico Morais, Mason Ho, Ross Williams, Fred Pattachia, Sally Fitzgibons, Jay “Bottle” Thompson, Nathan Hedge, Sebastian Williams, Raoni MonteIro, Willain Cardoso, Ryan Hipwood, Billy Kemper, Shane Beschen, Punker Pat Towersy, Timmy Reyes, Matt Archbold, Chris Ward and many other pro surfers and stand-outs from around the globe.

Jon Pyzel

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