When Women’s skateboarding is removed from Major Competitions, What Happens?




Is there any greater feeling than travelling the world doing the one thing that makes you the happiest?  IWS team rider, Fabiana Delfino, has found exactly what she’s always dreamed of. To travel the world, competing in women’s skateboarding events, connecting with like-minded individuals who will challenge her, both mentally and physically, all while standing on a skateboard.


Fabiana will be competing this year!

The greatest thing Fabiana is doing is she is expanding a once unconventional stigma of being a female skateboarder and letting that stigma fuel an entire generation of women to push themselves in a sport that seems to limit their advance.

That is what Exposure Skate is all about. Exposure Skate is a Non-Profit organization united by a vision to empower women through skateboarding. By providing a worldwide stage for female skateboarders to excel, The group of dedicated volunteers aspire to make progress for a stronger community


From Sidestep to Stride

In 2012,  nearly every major competition removed women’s skateboarding events. It was at that point, professional skateboarder Amelia Brodka knew it was time to make an advance women’s skateboarding.


Amelia Brodka Founder of Exposure Skate

She created Underexposed, a documentary highlighting women’s skateboarding by analyzing the industry’s approach to females. It ultimately garnered attention from two motivated philanthropists and Exposure Skate was born.

Since the organization started, Exposure has been persistent in expanding its message of female empowerment. Every year, they raise awareness through their events and donate a portion of their proceeds to local domestic violence shelters.

Exposure Skate Contest: November 5th, 2016

Next weekend, Exposure Skate will host its seventh contest at Encinitas Skate Park in California. Some of skate boarding’s well established pros like Mariah Duran and Amelia Brodka will be attending. Amateurs coming as far as Australia will be there too.

Neal Mims Skate Academy will also be bringing professional instructors to run a free Skate Clinic for all ages.



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