We did it!!!

Today On International Surfing Day 2019, the world record was set in Deerfield beach for the largest underwater clean up!! In the world y’all!! Huge shout out to Dixie Divers for an amazing accomplishment and for bringing us all together!! @islandwatersports Stoked on Salt, Surfrider Broward, Project Aware and the City of Deerfield Beach.

Guinness adjudicator Michael Empric traveled from New York City to do the official head count between 9 a.m and 11 a.m. To be counted, divers had to enter the ocean through a set area & stay in the water at least 15 minutes.

The previous record for the most divers taking part in an underwater cleanup was held by Ahmed Gabr, a former Egyptian Army scuba diver, with a team of 614 divers in the Red Sea in Egypt in 2015.

The total of trash removed weighed at over 2000 pounds. Fishing line, led, plastic, rubber, and all kids of debris was cleaned up by 631 divers and hundreds of beach volunteers.

Island Water Sports is blessed to be apart of this ocean loving community 🙏🌊💙🐠  Big thanks to everyone who came out to make a difference.

Here are the stats:

  • Over 2000 pounds of trash clean from the ocean and beaches
  • 680.51 pounds of trash cleaned by beach volunteers on land
  • 1,623 pounds of led hauled out from under the pier
  • World record set for 631 divers in the water participating in the underwater cleanup
  • Hundreds of additional volunteers joined Surfrider and Island Water Sports in cleaning the beach

Here is the day in photos

Kathy & Linsey Cottrell, co-owner of Island Water Sports (Photo: Island Water Sports)

Boca Tree Club came out to show their support. (Photo: Island Water Sports)

State Representative Mike Caruso and his wife, Tracy, with Linsey Cottrell. (Photo: Island Water Sports)

Nova Southeastern University Aquatics joined in the cleanup (Photo: Surfrider Foundation)

Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric counts divers as they enter the water and attempt to break the world record for the largest underwater cleanup.The record was broken with 633 divers taking part in the record breaking dive at the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier, 200 NE 21st Ave. on Saturday, June 15. Mike Stocker, South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Mike Stocker / Sun Sentinel)

Hundred of divers started entering the water after 9am (Photo: Surfrider Foundation)

The start of the official attempt for the largest underwater beach cleanup (Photo: Island Water Sports)

Diver battle the seaweed as they head up to clean around the pier (Photo: Surfrider Foundation)

Divers begin their cleanup efforts. Thankful as the sea began to calm just in time. (Photo: Surfrider Foundation)

Visibility was perfect for the day. (Photo: Surfrider Foundation)

Volunteers on the pier help hoist up buckets as the divers find hundred of pounds of led. (Photo: Surfrider Foundation)

Volunteers cleanup the shore as divers enter the water. (Photo: Surfrider Foundation)

As we begin weighing trash, volunteers bring in everything from plastic to volleyballs. (Photo: Surfrider Foundation)

Thanks to everyone who participated, buckets and buckets of trash were removed from our beaches. (Photo: Surfrider Foundation)

Surfrider Broward and Sebastien Inlet sort through hundred of pounds of garbage (Photo: Surfrider Foundation)

Over 680 pounds of trash were collected from our shore. (Photo: Surfrider Foundation)

(L-R) Rebecca Bolin, daughter Dahlia Bolin, and friend John Edmonds pose with the sign 13-year-old Dahlia recovered during the Guinness World Record-breaking ocean cleanup in Deerfield Beach. (Wayne K. Roustan)

Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric announce Dixie Divers as the new world record holder. (Photo: Island Water Sports)



Linsey Cottrell with Dixie Divers (Photo: Island Water Sports)