The Gift for the Outdoor Enthusiast


You know that one friend or family member whose life is so rich in adventure that you don’t know what to get them for the holidays? We can relate! In fact, we have a solution to your dilemma. YETI products are key to having a good time without the hassles that come with playing outdoors. So, whether the person on your Holiday gift list is an avid standup paddler, boating guru, mountain climber, or passionate about tailgates–these are the items you want to gift them with this season.

 Tundra 50 Hard Cooler

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Unmatched in it’s ability to keep ice solid, the YETI Tundra is a major key to tailgates and camping trips. The Tundra cooler also serves as an extra seat or casting deck. This is a staple piece to all outdoor advocates!

This cooler comes in multiple sizes: 50L & 75L


 Cooler Security Lock

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Along with a great gift comes great responsibility. Keep your Tundra secure and safe from harm with the Python lock. The high-strength carbon steel discourages theft from occurring. Take care of the your prized possession with this adjustable cable and secure lock.

Tie-Down Straps

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Accidents are prone to happening, especially when exposed to nature. Instead of letting that Yeti slide off the boat dock or truck bed, make sure you purchase the tie-down kit to stay assured your cooler remains by your side. The same you lock it is the same way you strap it.

Side note: This is not to be used for theft prevention. The lock and tie-down kit work complimentary to protect your coolers. 

Beverage Holder

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If your friend already has their cooler, locked and strapped…make sure they do the same for their beverages. Sometimes you’ll need both to reel in that fish or flip those burgers on the grill and have to set your drink down. YETI offers a beverage holder that latches on to all coolers to keep your drink at hand without being in your hands.

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

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The Wall Mount Bottle Opener is subject to, but not limited being mounted to the wall of your Tundra or Roadie. This versatile piece can be drilled into your wood bar or even kitchen area. Small and compact this gadget makes a great stocking stuffer!

Not pictured: “Mollie Zinger” bottle opener. 

Rambler Colster

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Perhaps your friend already has the coolers and gadgets that go along with it…but do they have a Rambler Colster? This little gem works like a Tundra in koozie form. No sweat design with double wall insulation keeps your friend’s drink cold no matter the weather or longevity of consumption.

Also holds cans as seen in the “Beverage Holder” image above. 

64 oz Rambler Bottle

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So far the 64 oz bottle is the biggest container within the Rambler family. Perfect for that person who works in harsh outdoor weather or simply loves to share around the camp fire.

Rambler Straw Lid (20 oz)

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For the beverage enthusiast: this is the greatest thing since the Rambler came out. Not only is your drink cooler than cool or hotter than hot, now you have the option to gulp or sip!


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The “Built for the Wild” phrase is written on the back with a clean pocket on the front left. From the ocean to the gun range, this shirt can be used for multiple occasions with it’s 100% cotton material and different color options.


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Not sure about the t-shirt size? It’s all good, these adjustable hats and multiple styles make it an easy choice for that outdoor enthusiast. Make sure they’re completely safe from those harmful UV rays and throw in some shades and sunscreen with it.